Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wrong price for Poems for the Spirit

All of the late Raymond Geraths ebooks, Creation, an Epic Poem, Redemption, an Epic Poem and Poems for the Spirit are $2.99.

I put the wrong price on Poems for the Spirit.

Now you the correct price.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New blog--first posting


This is the first posting for this blog, which is dedicated to the poems of the late Raymond Geraths. 

We have published three of Raymond Geraths' poetry books on the Kindle page. 

The first book we published is Poems for the Spirit.  These poems are his short poems.  Here is a sample from this book so you can get a flavor for this book:

Raymond called this poem Trinity:

Our spiritual strength,
In breadth and length.
We proudly boast
In Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

In Faith, Hope, and Charity
They are defined in clarity:
Power, wisdom, and Love,
Showered down from above.

Three in one;
One in Three,
United completely.

There are 16 poems in this short book.  It is available on the Kindle page at this address:

This book costs $3.99 and is a wonderful read.

We found these poems after Rayond died.  But what surprised us was finding what we call 3 very long "epic poems."

We published two of these Epic Poems on the Kindle page, with the third coming shortly.

The first of these very long epic poems is Creation, an Epic Poem.  This long poem, told in rhyme, tells of how God created the universe and our earth.  It goes on to describe how He created Adam and Eve and their subsequent fall. 

Here is a part of this very long poem, again to give you a taste of what can expect by reading this poem.

To the universe we’ll give
Its orbs and there let them gleam.
And let the soul of man live
Within the circumference of his dreams.

Happiness we’ll give many a road
Up the hill to glory.
Each road, a separate load,
Each load, a separate story.

And for a righteous climb,
Should man but travel?
We’ll wrap the truth up in time
And let man unravel.

Let’s create male and female,
That one might compliment the other.
One as father to hale,
The other loving mother.

Give them power of parenthood
To establish their dignity.
Give them freedom from the hood,   
Honor, glory and benignity.

To show our power and our might,
Let’s create a complete universe.
To show that truth is always right
And can never be reversed.

Definition is the heart
Of things to come and things to do.
Creation is making you a part
Of something lasting, something new.

That they might never fear the dark,
Nor wonder far from what is right.
But gladly always to the mark,
Let’s create everything from light.

So God showed His power and His might
And it came about first as He said,
“Let there be light,”
And light was made.

How the heavens showered glory,
With brilliance from the shimmering light.
Bringing dawn goes the story
To a frigid endless night.

Beams a gleaming every where,
Sailing on their boundless flights.
Crossing, crisscrossing the void with care
In their colorful delight.

Now God checked His handiwork,
And saw that it was good.
Made sure everything did perk,
The way He knew it should.

He checked His creation with care,
Then exclaimed, “Heavenly.”
Light pure light everywhere
But not an eye to see.

Let us create beauty
In the splendor of contrast.
Make magnetism the wedding rule,
Each must to an opposite, cling fast.

Let us start with day
By giving him a night.
Create desire by taking away
The presence of light.

Let’s concentrate the light in orbs
And leave the dark alone.
Giving it the quality that absorbs
Where formerly, the light shone.

So God cupped His hands together
And caught the fleeting beams.
Brilliant radiance, light as a feather,
Poured in the mountain streams.

He reflected each beam against itself,
Turned back and then turned under.
Like the magic of a mischievous elf,
Used lightning to create thunder.

Round and round He guided each ray,
Giving each an orbit.
Master minds even today
Still cannot absorb it.

This poem goes on for pages and pages in this vein, like you see here.

This book, too, we published on the Kindle page:

This long poem costs $2.99

The second very long poem follows the first one. This is called Redemption, an Epic Poem.  After the Fall, man and woman seek God's forgiveness and want to get back into His grace.

Here is a sample from that very long poem.

If only we could start again,
With hearts, born and free.
We’d never bring forgiveness of pain
To last an eternity.

Woe of woes our sin to bring
The shame of nakedness.
No more the song of beauty to sing
In this lustful awakenings.

Let’s run down to the lake,
Where the fish terry.
I’ll catch a fish steak,
While you pick strawberries.

We mustn’t stay outside the gate,
Lest we get lost.
And we mustn’t get home late
At any cost.

When the shadow of the hill
Flits the waters frown.
It will be time to follow the rill
That leads us home.

If you catch enough fish,
And the berries are good.
We’ll have quite a dish
For our evening food.

Creeping along the overhanging bank,
With careful hands he feels along;
The borough where the roots sank,
And held the soil with strong.

Strands of wiry fingers;
Here is the cool shade.
The lazy fish lingers--
A victim of the boys’ raid.

Into the primary of their siesta--
Their mumble fingers clash.
Their head and tail, for their fiesta,
Before they’ve time to grasp.

The meaning of their intrusion;
Nor have they time to flee,
And find safety in seclusion
Of deeper water where they.

Cannot follow, nor invade
Their humbling ground for food.
Too deep for them to wade
Or dive and there intrude.

One after another he grabs
And tosses to the share
And after each one he makes;
He goes back for more.

Having caught seven fishes,
Enough for their evening meal,
To satisfy the family’ wishes,
He strings them on a vine with zeal.

Meantime the berry picker was busy,
Tilting her reed woven hat.
Moving through the bushes in a tizzy,
Searching this way and that.

Now its filler to the brim,
And she returns to the lake.
Calling out to him
With the big fisherman take.

This is where on the Kindle page you find Redemption, an Epic Poem.

This one, too, costs you $2.99 on the Kindle page.

Coming soon is Sanctification, an Epic Poem. It is as long as the other two poems combined.  It is the last of these 3 epic poems we found he wrote.  Again, we found these after he died. We had no idea he was writing so much poetry.

By the time the two epic poems came along I had a Kindle 3 and was able to listen to each poem read to me on it. 

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